Coral Hue Cosmetics

A Harmonious Blend of Sophistication and Playfulness in Mumbai

TYPE: Commercial

LOCATION: Marine Lines, Mumbai

SIZE: 2000 sqft.

A prominent theme, mixed with rich materiality and coral hues evokes a visual experience that is at once soft and playful yet sophisticated at Marine Lines locations in Mumbai. The curved forms that are applied to the display unit of the space, to the entrance door, are complemented by the rose gold display unit and playful color light fixtures and walnut wooden flooring which bring layering and depth to the showroom and invite tactile engagement with the product as well as with the space.

The comprehensive design touches equally upon the larger interior space and the smaller-scale objects within it, all the way down to the curvaceous display forms. Brass details accentuate Dr.Rashel and Mary Jo K’s product identity and their primary use of rose gold, while the coral hue brings vivacity to the room. The result is a contemporary, playful but sophisticated room that invites guests to engage with the time-honored modern of cosmetics.

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